Import all your information in bulk form in a matter of minutes. All your refueling history, vehicle and driver information and much more.

In addition, you can be sure that the information will always be yours and you can download it whenever you like.

Your data migration doesn’t have to be complicated. You can have all your information on Pulpomatic in 4 easy steps.

01. Prepare and upload.

Upload a spreadsheet (.xls or .csv). Import your vehicles’ inventory, driver records, expense history, fuel entries and a lot more.

02. Connect and confirm your information.

Match your file columns to the information you wish to consult on Pulpomatic.

migracion de datos de flota de vehiculos

03. Pulpomatic processes everything automatically.

Let us organize your information in order to add value.

reportes fáciles operación gastos infracciones

04. Successful data migration.

All your information will be ready so you can start analyzing reports and managing your operations.