Apply TCO fleet management best practices and track your vehicle life cycle until replacement.

Receive Personalized Reports

Immediately answer key questions related to total costs and costs per vehicle year, model, and brand.


Real-time overview of vehicle total cost per mile or time frame.

Access return on asset data anytime and compare trends across your fleet.


Optimize your fleet and adapt it to business needs.

Know your Total Operational Cost at all times and adjust it to business needs.


Leverage accurate vehicle data to have a complete view on your operation.

Identify every fleet expense

Easily visualize where you are overspending and leverage data to cut fuel consumption or depreciation expenses, for example.

Find Efficiencies

Reduce costs associated with fuel consumption, maintenance, insurance, taxes, infractions, etc.

Increase Return On Asset

Find out whether it’s more cost-effective to rent, lease, or own your fleet assets.

Compare Data  

Compare your provider arrangements and prioritize your accounts.