Keep your fleet up to date

Monitor your fleet's risks by understanding their route data.

Pulpomatic automatically tracks your vehicles´ location, through our app installed on the drivers’ smartphones.

  • Know their real-time location at all times.
  • Give drivers easy access to vehicle documents from their mobile phones, in case they need them urgently.
  • Record accidents and thefts in order to detect dangerous areas in their routes and avoid them.
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Inspect each vehicle in an integral way.

Forget about burdensome paperwork and improve inspection quality, all from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Monitor vehicles that aren’t in optimum conditions to go on the road.
  • Solve problems immediately by creating workflows right after becoming aware of any malfunction.
  • Follow up on all your vehicles’ repairs.
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Take immediate action to ensure your fleet’s safety.

Ensure vehicles and drivers abide by traffic laws in order to avoid fines and potential accident costs.

  • coches autos vehículos control gastosMake sure all their documents are in order with our alerts.
  • In order to reduce setbacks and unnecessary expenses keep a photographic record of your vehicles’ status, tires and more.
  • Gain better visibility of your operation.
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Ensure all preventative maintenance is being done on time in order to prevent accidents and avoid losing warranties.

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Avoid setbacks by gaining better visibility and keeping records of the drivers that are using each one of your vehicles by date and time.