Compile trustworthy data that influence your driver, vehicle, and cargo safety.

Visualize driving behavior to make better driver-related decisions.

  • Find out what operators drive over the speed limit more often.
  • Identify hard turns, sudden stops, and rapid accelerations
  • Find out when a driver changes lane abruptly.
  • Obtain driver scores based on their driving patterns and adjust their training accordingly.
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Automatically reduce risk in your fleet.

Reduce your fleet incident rate and improve your driver safety.

  • Guarantee the safest working conditions for your drivers.
  • Reduce disruptions to ultimately extend vehicle lifespan.
  • Record accident and robbery-prone zones to avoid them in your routes.
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Cut Costs and Improve Your Service

Reduce your infractions and therefore vehicle insurance costs.

  • coches autos vehículos control gastosReduce your property loss funds related to road accidents.
  • Lower your vehicle insurance costs thanks to safer driving.
  • Avoid missing service deliveries due to inactive or broken down vehicles.
  • Decrease the frequency an asset has to do extra routes in order to cover for another inactive vehicle.
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Turn your fleet into a low-risk operation and decrease your insurance costs.

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Easily obtain driver scores based on their driving patterns.