Calculate vehicle TCO

Pulpomatic allows you to find out the exact vehicle ownership cost across its lifespan.

Structure Your Fleet

Find out whether you can reduce your fleet size and only rent additional assets for peak seasons.

Find Out When To Renew an Asset

Our AI will anticipate you when is the best time to replace a fleet asset.

Focus Your Decisions Around Asset TCO

Find out whether it is better to own, rent, or lease a vehicle.

  • Find out whether your provider conditions are the best for your business.
  •  If you use vehicles from multiple providers, compare costs and conditions between them.
leasing o renting

Decide between different brands and models when renewing your fleet.

Find out who are the best providers for commercial fleets and the costs included across time.

  • Continuously monitor vehicle data when the TCO starts to rise, and compare it to other vehicle brands and models.
  • Use AI to anticipate at what point TCO begins to rise and whether it is cost-effective to replace the unit beforehand.
Renting o Leasing

 Are you ready to make better decisions when renting or leasing your fleet?