With Pulpomatic you will save money, make better decisions and keep total control of your fleet.


Utility Vehicles

Let your operation run smoothly by keeping control of everything with our software. Utility vehicles are no longer just an accessory. They are a tool that will help your sales force, delivery men, auditors, couriers and carriers make your company number one.

  • With Pulpomatic you can analyze your operation closely and make better decisions by saving on unnecessary expenses and steering your company to success.
control vehículos utilitarios gastos operación
control servicio software control flotillas

Control your suppliers

Make sure you are always hiring the best option by having price lists by supplier and by service task.

ahorro costos menores servicio mantenimiento

Services and maintenance

Keep strict control over your vehicles’ maintenance and generate significant savings in this area.

reportes fáciles sencillos rápidos software

Reliable reports

Use data monitoring in your favor and continuously optimize your fleet’s performance.

Corporate Vehicles

Transporting employees as well as the cars that are given to directors and executives are both a matter of logistics, even though it may not seem like it. Having a software that makes controlling expenses and procedures easier can help you achieve your company’s goals.


  • Pulpomatic helps you keep control of everything that happens to your vehicles.
vehículos corporativos transporte personal software control
gestión vehículos control asignación software

Vehicle management

Control your vehicles’ status and assignments.

seguimiento servicio verificación renovación trámites

Improve communication

Easily monitor each task, service, vehicle verification or renewal procedures.

acceso documentos control

Document control

Allow your drivers to have access to their vehicles´ documents through our app.

Logistics Companies

Apps are becoming more and more important in the logistics field. This applies to fleet management topics as well as mobility in general. Our software is able to increase your productivity, provide protection to drivers and vehicles and keep a route overview, among many other things.

  • Pulpomatic applies mobile technology to your everyday transportation challenges.
logística software gestión flota movilidad

Fuel control

Analyze fuel expenses, as well as efficiency and cost per km each time you refuel.

ubicación GPS vehículos conductores pagos

Real-time location

Keep a close eye on your vehicles’ and drivers’ activities, timing, payments and distances in real time.

software flota reportes fáciles sencillos

Automate your operations

Accelerate reporting procedures and save time by instantly checking the statistics our software delivers.

Leasing or Renting

If a large part of your business consists on renting a fleet, you can add extra value to your services by using our software. Pulpomatic will let your clients know about necessary maintenance services, controlling procedures and much more, making your operation easier.

  • Manage your company’s fleet together with a wide variety of tools. Pulpomatic makes it easy for you.
leasing arrendar flota vehículos mantenimiento
mejor software administración control gestión

Cloud-based documents

All vehicle information is always available and easily accessible on the cloud for your clients.

servicio mantenimiento taller compostura camiones

Services and maintenance

Let your clients know when their vehicle is ready after maintenance services, as well as it’s status while it’s in the shop.

coches autos vehículos control gastos

Alerts and notifications

Receive tailor-made alerts and notifications via email when tasks are due.

Shipping, Removals and Relocation

Implement appropriate and efficient handling of the equipment and resources your company counts on for shipping and moving. Pulpomatic helps you in two essential areas: saving time and saving money.

  • Strong management is key. With the reports provided by Pulpomatic you can find usage patterns and areas to improve in.
fletes mudanzas camiones traslado ahorro
costos operativos gastos ahorra kilometraje

Reduce operational costs

To improve your fleet’s performance get effective solutions by evaluating usage and mileage.

control vehículos unidades trámites verificaciones

Vehicle control

Avoid having your cars stopped due to overdue procedures, vehicle verifications or maintenance.

mantenimiento seguridad operadores vehículos conductores choferes

Vehicle and operator safety

Keep track of your operators, vehicles and shipments by tracking trips in real-time.

These industries and many more are already using Pulpomatic.

Try using our software to manage your fleet and convince yourself that it is an essential tool to save on costs and generate additional value.

turismo software gestión flota valor


ahorra costos transporte pasajeros choferes

Passenger transport

control conductores operadores transporte valores

Banking and security transport

farmacéuticas vehículos utilitarios repartición control

Pharmaceutical companies

construcción vehículos pesados control gastos


maquinaria pesada gestión administración software

Heavy machinery