mejor software control administración gestión flotas

Decision maker

Receive information based on real events in order to make better decisions.

  • Clear and hassle-free data view.
  • Access data anytime, anywhere, any day of the year.
  • Keep control of your fleet at all times.
  • Generate savings in your operational budget with more efficient and cost-effective teams.


fleet manager gestor flota flotilla

Fleet Manager

Get to know the who, when, where and how of each and every one of the vehicles you are in charge of.

  • Forget about spreadsheets forever. Discover that your job can be better, easier and faster.
  • Achieve better performance in your operations.
  • Maximize processes and reduce operational costs.
  • Implement structured fleet management in accordance with the industry’s best practices.


If all your company works to perfection,
why shouldn't your fleet do so as well?

Pulpomatic gives you total control as a company.

  • Give your team access to important, accurate and up-to-date information and save time on all the areas in your company.
  • Make it possible for your HR, finance, logistics and operations areas, among others, to check one platform and improve the information flow in your team.
  • By using the same information across your company, you can make better decisions backed up by real data.


control software gestión administración flota flotilla pulpomatic