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Integrate information

Receive a complete picture of your fleet by integrating other applications and services.

mantenimientos vehiculares reducción gastos operación

Automate your operation

Know the exact status of your vehicles, maintenance, expenses and much more.

software control flota administración flotilla

Make key decisions

Collect data with our software and make better decisions.

Find out how we can help you.


“The performance data or cost per kilometer that Pulpomatic provides, notifies us if a vehicle needs a general inspection or if it’s time to dispose of it”.



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Invest in your company, not on paying for fuel

Increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Follow up on information about fuel consumption, detect improvement areas and optimize both vehicle and resource allotment.

  • consumo combustible tarjeta gasolina controlEasily integrate fuel cards and their corresponding data.
  • Record expenses and know the costs-per-kilometer at all times.
  • Use reports based on usage to reduce vehicle misuse and fuel theft.

Make your job easy

Inspect quickly and solve problems in the same way.

Ensure your fleet’s safety and performance by leaving paper forms in the past.

  • Eliminate paperwork and address issues immediately.
  • Follow up on every eventuality and record its cost.
  • Improve maintenance quality by evaluating supplier´s performance.
  • control flota software gestión vehículosRecord your exit, route and arrival inspections. Keep track of casualties and receive reports that will allow you to make better decisions.
rendimiento vehículo modelo conductor chofer

Improve performance

Identify what brand and model has the best performance as well as what driver or vehicle spends more resources.

informes reportes fáciles sencillos ahorra

Reports and comparative analyses

Use reliable data to be informed of how to maximize productivity as well as the areas you could be saving on.

servicio reparación mantenimiento unidades coches

Save on maintenance

Program vehicle services and repairs. Be well informed of which one of your suppliers is the most efficient.

software costos ahorra control carros

Detect usage patterns

Our software will help you find out what areas are more problematic and what regions generate more costs.

Manage your fleet with amazing results. Use Pulpomatic.