Road Infractions Management

Visualize and control the flow of traffic fines thanks to the digitization of all the documents related to the payment of sanctions while avoiding loss and damage to invoices.

GPS and telematics

Use our GPS or install yours! Easily integrate with Pulpomatic to monitor your vehicles in real time and track all their movements.

Fleet Control

Integrate all the information with our 360º solution that gathers all the data from your suppliers in one place, digitizes the documents, and simplifies operations.

Expenses / Finance / Income

Centralize and integrate income and expenses to reduce costs, calculate the cost per mile of each vehicle and make the best operational decisions.

Fuel Control

Find out what the cost per mile is for each vehicle in the fleet with complete visibility into fuel efficiency.

Drivers management

Obtain an automated monitoring of information related to drivers and their use of the vehicles.

Predictive Maintenance

Manage to lower the costs related to the vehicles maintenance and extend the useful life of the fleet in addition to preventing fleet operations from slowing down thanks to our artificial intelligence

Route optimization

Manage the travel routes of the vehicles in your fleet with efficiency criteria and achieve a reduction in operating costs of up to 30%.

Green Logistics

Optimize the management of resources in your business by reaching objectives of green logistics such as a reduction of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by up to 20%.

Document management

Centralize and digitize all the information related to your resources and operations in a unique solution hosted in the cloud that makes the documents readily accessible and with reinforced security.

Driving safety

Gather data on vehicle driving habits that may affect the safety of the drivers, the vehicles, and that of the transported goods.

Leasing or renting managing

Size your fleet and choose the most profitable financial formula at all times by calculating the Total Cost of Ownership of each of the vehicles in the fleet.

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Establish the most appropriate replacement policy knowing the total cost of ownership for each vehicle, obtain personalized reports, and dimension the fleet at all times.

Tire module

Obtain significant savings with complete control of the life cycle of each tire, with wear information, and monitoring of data on wheel rotation.

Supplier Management

Consolidate in a single platform the information on goods and services offered by third parties such as fuel and maintenance costs in addition to crossing data and obtaining savings.


Gather your suppliers’ data in a single platform and obtain reports and alerts that allow you to develop a better management of all your resources and operations.