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Integrate Fleet Information

Pulpomatic is a centralized platform that integrates your end-to-end fleet data.

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Digitize Documents

Say goodbye to paperwork and excel sheets and reduce your workload by 51%.

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Streamline Operation

Use our cloud-based technology to share fleet information across different business units.

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The alerts and notifications sent by Pulpomatic enable us to always service our vehicles in time.”

Felipe Buendía Soto

Logistics and vehicle control manager

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Meet, digitize, and centralize every vehicle detail.

Pulpomatic generates a historical data set for each vehicle. It updates in real-time and allows different users to access the information simultaneously.

  • Easily integrate multiple documents, applications, and systems.
  • Keep track of fuel-related tasks, maintenance, and/or driver assignments.
  • documentos trámites verificación inspección vehículos Avoid costly mistakes from lack of information or inaccurate data.
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Share information with other teams.

Take your fleet management to the next level with a software that enables you to share vehicle data across different business units simultaneously.

  • Avoid confusion from lack of transparency across departments
  • Operate with up-to-date vehicle data 24/7.
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Automated alerts

Anticipate preventive maintenance or document expiration dates and foresee any other activity thanks to our customizable alerts.

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Control all your fleet activity.

Identify every vehicle related info, including which assets are active or inactive, and the assigned drivers.