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Increase efficiency

Make information flows within your team in an easy way.

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Improve your productivity

Say goodbye to paper and spreadsheets. Say hello to accessing data quickly.

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Everything under control

Avoid setbacks and make sure your fleet never has to stop.

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“With the automated alerts and notifications Pulpomatic sends us, we complete every service in a timely and appropriate manner”.

Felipe Buendía Soto

Logistics and vehicle control manager

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Store all your fleet's details with our transport software.

Pulpomatic generates a complete history per vehicle: its status, driver assignments, important procedures, services, mileage, among others. All in one place.

  • Monitor all your tasks, due dates and much more.
  • Control, plan and assign according to your needs and vehicle availability.
  • documentos trámites verificación inspección vehículosCentralize all your documents on the cloud.
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Be informed in order to reduce expenses.

Keep your fleet in optimum conditions with our transport software by providing accurate information to all your team members; everywhere from corporate offices to each operator.

  • Receive appropriate fleet operation reports for every level in the company.
  • Control your vehicle´s costs and each one of your drivers.
  • Easily control expenses.
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Automated alerts

Always find out when paperwork and maintenance is due as well as any other eventuality. Pulpomatic is the transport software that alerts you.

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Control activity

Fully identify each movement and control what vehicles are active and which ones aren’t, as well as what operators they are assigned to.

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