Our commitment is to contribute to a fleet management that is centered around three basic pillars:

Reducing emissions of polluting gases sent to the atmosphere.

Making an efficient use of available resources.

Decreasing the amount of residue generated by vehicular operations.

We accompany our clients from day one with a double objective:  achieve the greatest savings in operational costs and make a decisive contribution to help the environment and promote green transportation services

Decreasing the environmental impact of the fleet and reaching the Green Logistics objectives is possible while optimizing the company resources.

At Pulpomatic we make your fleet more sustainable and eco-friendly

We understand transportation as an activity ruled by high standards of responsibility

To reduce the environmental impact of vehicles, we developed solutions that allow you to:

  • Control the fuel consumption of the fleet to maximize its efficiency.
  • Manage the most sustainable type of fuel based on your type of fleet.
  • Size the fleet to have only the vehicles necessary for the operation.
  • Know the TCO of the vehicles and choose the optimal moment to replace them with new and less polluting ones.
  • Optimize routes and track vehicles by GPS to take advantage of travels, as well as, integrate reverse logistics operations with normal operations.
  • Monitor the driving practices to guarantee the sustainable use of fuel and vehicles.
  • Control maintenance activities to make the most of the useful life of parts and components.
  • Regulate decisive repair aspects that affect fuel consumption such as the condition of the tires.
  • Comply with the legislative requirements regarding emissions of CO2, NOx and polluting particles.
  • Promote teleworking in the field of management to avoid unnecessary travel and the consequent emission of polluting gases.
  • Scan documents that were previously processed on paper.

At Pulpomatic we manage to reduce the CO2 emissions of our clients by 20%

At Pulpomatic we do not settle for efficient management of the fleet; instead, we apply technology to help in the preservation of the environment.

  • With the latest developments in route optimization, we contribute to drastically reduce the miles that vehicles travel empty which in turn optimizes their location and useful life.
  • We implement the key tools for measuring and monitoring the environmental impact of the freight transport sector.
  • We help your company adopt the latest regulatory requirements, both national and international, related to sustainability and the environment.
medio ambiente

We are also committed to the best practices used in green transportation to preserve the environment

Respect and caring for the environment as well as mitigating climate change is in our DNA as a company.

  • We are committed to complying with applicable legal requirements regarding sustainability and the environment and to continuous improvement of environmental performance.
  • We encourage all our staff to implement sustainability measures, such as recycling waste or taking advantage of available natural resources, both in the professional sphere and in their private lives.
  • We promote the use of environmentally responsible and eco-efficient materials.
  • We promote teleworking throughout our organization as a way to reduce emissions derived from commuting from home to office.
  • We encourage the use of shared vehicles by employees, when possible, to facilitate the use of private vehicles.
  • We carry out regular awareness campaigns about the importance of caring for the environment and mitigating climate change.