Route Optimization

Plan the most efficient routes based on your business and fleet profiles.

Leverage automated route planning based on traffic hours, service schedules, and task prioritization. Also, you can configure the route formula and adapt it to your operation.

Balance the route workload with the vehicle utilization to minimize costs.

Receive your optimal routes based on your fleet characteristics, such as asset load and weight, starting costs, and limit stops. 

Establish operational restrictions related to recurring routes, asset choice, and cargo times.



Track your vehicles and drivers.

Know the vehicle live location at all times and have a global overview of your fleet with our GPS system.

Use our GPS system to ensure drivers follow suggested routes.

Stay informed on both successful and failed deliveries or services.



Keep your clients accurately informed.

Inform your clients on day and time for delivery and further improve transparency and trust.

Let your client know if the delivery was successful or not, and what are the next steps if needed.

Use the customizable fields in our platform to get feedback on route planning.



Optimize Your Fleet Control

Reduce the amount of assets and increase productivity.

Increase Your Route Precision

Predict arrival times and complete planned routes.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Use our GPS tracking system to choose the most fuel efficient routes.

Improve your delivery ratio and minimize failed attempts.

Track your delivery and route planning all in one place.

Create personalized forms to record delivery information.

Use an NFC card to picture packages and record client signatures.

Record other key data such as initial and final visit time.


Task Itinerary

Use our route optimization software to track your vehicles in real time, offer your clients more visibility, and generate more efficient routes.

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