Visualize and Track Ticket Status

Fully control the ticket status from its inception to its payment.

Benefit from Pulpomatic’s daily sourcing of official ticketing reports to immediately locate whether a fleet driver or vehicle has committed an infraction.

Procure the infraction details and if so, the associated consequence, e.g a warning, mandatory training, or the payment amount due.

Obtain ticket information like speeding, expired license, driving while using phone, etc.  

Keep track of reported theft and missing items.

Use our reports to find out which infractions are the most common within the fleet, how and when they happen, and take measures to avoid them.

Create alerts to learn when an infraction happens, when the payment date expires, or any other issue related to that violation.



Digitize and centralize all documents related to road violations

Centralize all related ticket information in one platform.

Access information regarding infraction date, amount payable, ticket due date, vehicle, driver, cause, location of violation and applied law.

Enable access to information to different business units like Finance and Accounting and accelerate the procurement process.  

Upload all infraction details to the cloud and access it anytime and anywhere.


Optimize Roadside Violation Management

Proactively manage costs and use automated tasks to operate your fleet efficiently. This will result in improved roadside performance of your drivers, avoided delays, and saved time.

Procure payments within the ticket grace period to save additional costs.

Automatize payment-related tasks and save time.

Be notified immediately after an infraction occurs.  

Ensure lawful compliance to Increase fleet availability and reduce downtime.


Simplify ticket management and save time.

Easily manage payments and due dates from one single platform.

Receive roadside violation alerts.

Benefit from daily sourcing of official violation reports to track your fleet’s infractions.

Increase Fleet Availability

Proactively manage ticket due dates and increase fleet availability.

Simplify, centralize, and automate your fleet’s ticket management with a tool that integrates all related notifications and alerts

Use your work time more efficiently while boosting fleet output. This feature is available for clients in Mexico City, Jalisco, Puebla, Yucatán, Aguascalientes, Hermosillo (Sonora), and Monterrey (Nuevo León).