Use AI-backed preventive maintenance to avoid breakdowns and fleet interruptions.

Schedule a preventive maintenance plan to minimize reactive fixes. Control every cost related to your asset repairs.

  • control flota software gestión vehículosSchedule your fleet maintenance and anticipate when each unit is set for repairs.
  • Reduce the amount of time each vehicle spends in the shop
  • Organize PM to ensure the fleet continues to operate instead of having all fixes at once.
  • Anticipate possible breakdowns related to ware and overuse.
  • Know the exact time frame a vehicle must receive maintenance checks.
  • Assign each task to the person in charge of fleet maintenance.

Find out which provider offers the best maintenance at the lowest cost.

Integrate and manage your provider costs in one centralized platform.

  • Compile your provider invoices in one place.
  • Generate expense reports for each provider.
  • Compare different prices for the same task.
  • Save maintenance costs by crossing price data.
mantenimiento compostura taller servicio auto

Alert your drivers.

Receive time-sensitive alerts on preventive maintenance fixes.

ahorra gastos reduce costos compara precios

Reduce maintenance costs.

Optimize the balance between preventive and reactive maintenance.

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Enhance your vehicle status tracking.

Record any breakdown or interruption and track its repair status.

Use our guidelines and tools to obtain complete control over your fleet operations.

Thanks to our fuel management features, 8 out of 10 clients are able to identify in real time their most efficient drivers and vehicle consumption by model, year, and route.

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Know when to dispose of your vehicles.

With Pulpomatic you can keep track of which vehicles spend more on repairs than on preventative maintenance. You can have these vehicles retire from your company like champs, not like just one more expense.



Receive Real-Time Reports

Simply analyze your fleet’s profitability with Pulpomatic automations.