Reduce maintenance costs.

Program all preventative services for your vehicles and minimize corrective maintenance and repairs. Keep track of costs for each one of your vehicles service tasks.

  • control flota software gestión vehículosProgram large-scale service schedules.
  • Assign who will be responsible for each service.
  • Automatically notify your drivers when preventative maintenance is due.
  • Preventive maintenance benefits in business vehicles.

Be informed of what supplier gives you the best price.

Manage all of your suppliers’ information, everything from their contact information to their services price lists.

  • Receive detailed expense reports by supplier.
  • Compare service task prices per supplier.
  • Save on maintenance expenses by comparing prices.
mantenimiento compostura taller servicio auto

Notify your drivers

Never lose a warranty again for failing to carry out preventative maintenance on time.

ahorra gastos reduce costos compara precios

Save money

Control and lower corrective maintenance costs.

avería reparación mantenimiento taller compostura

Improve follow-ups

Record any malfunction or repair and increase the visibility of their status.

Nuestros módulos y herramientas te ayudarán a tener control total de tu flota de vehículos.

8 de cada 10 clientes no solo conocen ya cuál es el rendimiento medio de su flota y de sus distintos grupos de vehículos gracias al uso de nuestro software de control de combustible,  sino que son capaces de conocer, al detalle y en tiempo real, quiénes son sus conductores más eficientes.

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Know when to dispose of your vehicles.

With Pulpomatic you can keep track of which vehicles spend more on repairs than on preventative maintenance. You can have these vehicles retire from your company like champs, not like just one more expense.




Analyze your fleet’s profitability easily and automatically