Ensure your vehicles are in the best condition.

Conduct your vehicle inspections through Pulpomatic to identify and track disruptions that limit a vehicle’s maximum utilization.

  • Customize your checklists with personalized fields for your fleet.
  • Record all your vehicle activities like accidents, deliveries, expenses and income.

Keep track of any vehicle incidents.

Track the vehicle condition from the initial driver assignment to the end of a service route. Know what driver is operating what asset at all times.

  • Compare your vehicles’ departure and arrival status after their routes.
  • Stop relying on paperwork and digitally track all of your incidents.
ahorra dinero baja costos software gestión

Save Time

Reduce your workload by filling inspections with any smartphone or tablet.

inspección control ahorra dinero baja costos

Information At Hand

Access inspection history, pictures and comments anytime and anywhere.

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Preventive Safety

Receive accurate information on your vehicle status to avoid potential accidents.

8 Out of 10 clients leverage our real-time fuel consumption solution to address questions from “how fuel efficient is my fleet” to specific on “who are my most fuel efficient drivers.”

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“Thanks to the tools Pulpomatic has to offer, we have drastically improved our fleet control. We are now fully aware of any incidents our vehicles and drivers have, immediately knowing how much each of them is going to costs.”