Easily manage your vehicle documents.

Pulpomatic keeps all your fleet documents centralized so you can quickly access them anytime, anywhere.

  • Receive alerts and notifications to renovate documents.
  • Identify what vehicles have traffic infractions, overdue insurance and much more.

Keep all of your vehicle information in one place.

Know how many or which assets in your fleet are active, inactive, or in the shop, as well as their mileage and driver assignments.

  • Get maintenance, fuel cost, revenue and expenses reports per vehicle.
  • Manage vehicles by type, brand, or model, and receive reports that compare data across different groups.
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Improve Productivity

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and piles of paperwork.

reduce tiempo ahorra dinero costos gastos

Reduce Time

Enhance team communication by keeping all relevant info in one place.

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Visualize Every Detail

Check every intricate aspect of the operation to analyze your vehicle essential information.

8 Out of 10 clients leverage our real-time fuel consumption solution to address questions from “how fuel efficient is my fleet” to specific on “who are my most fuel efficient drivers.”

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With Pulpomatic, we have access to all leasing documents and information in one place, with clearly identified client and vehicle assignments”.