GPS for no extra cost.

Locate your drivers in real-time and know exactly where they are at all times.

  • You don’t need to install hardware on any of your vehicles.
  • Know all route and location history.
  • View your active vehicles whenever you want.

Get to know how much each one of your trips costs.

With the Pulpomatic app and its GPS services you have all the tools you need.

  • Be informed of the fuel costs of each route.
  • Be informed of your vehicle´s expenses and kilometers travelled per trip.
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Control activity

Know what vehicles are inactive, who drives them and where they are located.

reportes gestión flota rentabilidad ahorro combustible

Reduce costs

Compare the expenses that each one of your drivers generates per route.

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Automate your operation

Your drivers can easily record their expenses and tickets.

Nuestros módulos y herramientas te ayudarán a tener control total de tu flota de vehículos.

8 de cada 10 clientes no solo conocen ya cuál es el rendimiento medio de su flota y de sus distintos grupos de vehículos gracias al uso de nuestro software de control de combustible,  sino que son capaces de conocer, al detalle y en tiempo real, quiénes son sus conductores más eficientes.

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Keep track of merchandise delivery as if you were doing it yourself.

Track all the important aspects of delivery tasks: fuel costs, route costs, delivery records, your vehicles´ location and status, among many others.

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Analyze your fleet’s profitability easily and automatically