Use our GPS system or integrate your existing tracking tool to Pulpomatic

Precisely locate your drivers in real time. You can use our fully digital GPS tool without having to install any hardware on your vehicles.

Obtain the historical route data from each vehicle and its current live location.

Access time-sensitive data or live-location in case of car theft.

Identify which vehicles are currently active or in downtime.  


Discover everything related to vehicle health

Our telematic integrations provide mileage information per vehicle, including:

When should a vehicle receive preventive maintenance.

Daily mileage per vehicle.

Vehicle tire and brake wear diagnostics, among other parts.  

Vehicle activity details like door openings, passenger count, refrigeration temperature, among others.


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Activity Control

Analyze your vehicle health, who drives them, and where they are located.

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Cost Reduction

Compare how much a route and/or driver costs compare to others.

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Manage Key Fleet Data

Access maintenance costs, mileage, and wear.

Use our guidelines and tools to obtain complete control over your fleet operations

Thanks to our fuel management features, 8 out of 10 clients are able to identify in real time their most efficient drivers and vehicle consumption by model, year, and route.

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