Efficient Management

gestión flota software operación vehículos pulpomatic

Vehicle management

Control its mileage, status, paperwork, inspections and more.

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Supplier control

Keep their information centralized and compare prices.

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Driver management

Assign drivers to your vehicles and keep control of their paperwork, activities and more.

gestión flota software operación vehículos pulpomatic

Vehicle assignment

Control your vehicle’s usage by assigning drivers specific schedules and shifts.

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Cloud-based documents

Allow your team to access documents from any device 24/7.

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User and permissions module

You can give your whole company access, while limiting the information they are allowed to see.

Smart Operation

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Fuel log

Keep track of all refueling stops, analyze profits and control expenses.

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Scheduled services

Receive alerts when your fleet needs preventative maintenance.

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Income and Expense

Analyze your fleet´s efficiency, as well as costs and profit per mile.

geolocalización GPS seguimiento conductores vehículos

GPS Tracking

With our app you can locate your vehicles in real time.

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Activity control

Record mishaps, accidents, deliveries, routes and much more.

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Vehicle inspections

Create customized checklists and record periodic vehicle revisions.


Receive Real-Time Reports

Simply analyze your fleet’s profitability with Pulpomatic automations.