• Plan the best distribution routes for your vehicles by automatically calculating the number of visits a driver has to make in relation to the time he has to deliver something, the miles to travel or even the service hours.
  • The platform determines the route plan considering all the variables, such as the capacity of the vehicle or the demand for the specific delivery time, if any. It also establishes the best time for the start of a route or at what time a driver ends each plan.
  • With the route optimization feature, more than one plan can be generated for a driver. It also takes into account tasks that will not be completed in time according to its calculations and helps make the best decisions such as postponing the task for a later time.
  • It achieves an efficient planning and calculation of vehicle routes and a permanent real-time control of the visits that drivers are making, as well as the tasks that are postponed for different reasons. The times are updated as the driver complies with the route plan and assigned tasks.


Seguimiento en tiempo real

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