Custom reports

  • With this functionality, each user of the platform will be able to obtain personalized and tailored reports with the data they want to know about their fleet. In this way, the user will have a detailed view of each important aspect on a daily basis or historical analysis to detect trends.


Measure any quantifiable data

  • Thanks to the reports, it is possible to measure any quantifiable data related to the units, such as vehicle conditions, different types of expenses, or predictive and corrective maintenance in addition to achieving profitability analysis among others. All of this data is used to make the best decisions based on measurements and accurate information.


Reportes históricos

Configuration options

  • With access to the report configuration options, the Pulpomatic user will be able to choose the type of graph, the data to be used, and all the support tools to generate the report; these analyses will be visible for consultation by all users with reader permission.


Make predictions

  • The fleet reporting functionality is not only useful to verify historical data and trends on fleet operations, but it is also capable of offering accurate predictions about different key points that affect vehicle management.



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