gestión flota software operación vehículos pulpomatic

Predictive maintenance and Artificial Intelligence

Pulpomatic uses AI models to forecast the availability of the fleet and when is the best time to perform maintenance on it.

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Make the best decisions and develop a proactive management of your operations thanks to notices about information that matters.

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Notifications / Tasks

Keep the information about your fleet updated with a tool that alerts you when a task must be carried out such as maintenance.

gestión flota software operación vehículos pulpomatic

Check list

Generate task lists to streamline and ensure compliance while saving management time. Different checklists can be generated according to different criteria.

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Roles and permissions

Control the access of the different Pulpomatic users and what modules of the platform remain accessible to them by using customizable and independent permissions.

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Mobile App

Control all operations in an agile and simple way in the palm of your hand. You can give orders that drivers will receive instantly and adapt to any incident.

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Approval flow

Assign tasks to drivers and / or suppliers through notices in the mobile app or email. When the notification is accepted or rejected, the data on that task is collected.

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It compiles all the events related to the fleet management and the operation of the vehicles in the modules´ registration tables.

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Task manager

Manage and generate various tasks, and also maintain a complete follow up on them. You can include a fixed date of fulfillment and a person responsible for fulfilling it.

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Get personalized reports of your fleet to achieve a 360º vision with measurements of any quantifiable data. You will also get predictions on key points.

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Quickly and efficiently manage the sanctions of drivers with precise data on which operator has been fined and at what time of service.

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It determines the optimal routes for vehicles in terms of efficiency and optimization of their use; in addition, it establishes the best time for the start of a route.