• The tables used for module registration collect, on one side, all the events related to the administration of the vehicle fleet with complete compilation of vehicles, drivers, and suppliers, and on the other side, data related to their operation.
  • Each event that happens in relation to a supplier, a vehicle, or a driver is recorded within these modules which include expenses, activities, and fuel among others.  
  • The registration tables are not only for record keeping, instead, they serve as a consolidated database of fleet data that yields results for making the best intelligent decisions and attain better fleet control.
  • This functionality is customizable and allows the configuration of different types of public and private filters. It is possible to perform mathematical operations with columns and the result of them will generate an additional column.


  • In addition, record sheets can be created to keep track of fleet data and decide which columns we want to see whether they are specific to the module or others from different modules.
  • With the tables functionality, the user can generate indicators that allow viewing anomalies or information that is relevant within the columns which can be ordered according to different criteria.
  • Filters can be custom generated and made public or private; in addition, they can be edited by composition, name, public, and private permissions.


Tablas B

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