• Say goodbye to communication problems with your drivers regarding traffic tickets. You will receive constant information on the platform about these incidents and you will be able to manage the administrative process with the operators in an agile way.
  • rendimiento combustible gasolina flota flotilla cochesEfficiently and quickly manage the processing of penalties with precise information on when they occurred and which driver received the fine.
  • control flota software gestión vehículos After the fine has been issued and it has reached the company, the fined driver receives an instant notice that he accepts or rejects; the response is sent back to the company which already has the complete information to resolve it.
  • Streamline communication with sanctioned drivers from the moment the fleet manager receives notification that an infraction has been committed makes everyone involved and informed about the fines and their deadlines.


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8 Out of 10 clients leverage our real-time fuel consumption solution to address questions from “how fuel efficient is my fleet” to specific on “who are my most fuel efficient drivers.”

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