Automate driver activity tracking and vehicle use.

Assign drivers to each unit and track both vehicle and its documentation status.

Integrate all your provider data into our end-to-end platform.

  • Centralize all driver-related information and create a detailed, up to date, digital record for each.
  • Ensure your vehicle documents are up to date to avoid sanctions or violations.
  •  Identify driver patterns on punctuality, fuel consumption, and penalties.

Identify and compare costs between drivers.

Find out whether there are any unnecessary expenses in your operation.

  • rendimiento combustible gasolina flota flotilla coches Compare fuel consumption between drivers.
  •  Easily access and manage any driver-related task from any device, anytime, and anywhere.
  • Consider data-driven arguments for expanding or reducing the amount of drivers in your fleet.
  • Assign your best drivers to your most critical routes to maximize your service.
  • consumo combustible tarjeta gasolina control Allow each driver to add fuel charges and other expenses associated to a unit.
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Streamline Your Operation

Save money and time thanks to automated tasks.

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Fleet Availability

Avoid added costs or vehicle penalty from road violations.

seguridad GPS control conductores choferes operadores

Document Accessibility

Drivers can acces their own and the vehicle’s documentation 24/7 from our mobile app.

By analyzing Pulpomatic data reports, we know exactly which drivers have the best driving behavior”.



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