Pulpomatic provides you a simple and user-friendly view to track fuel consumption data in your fleet.

Find out everything you need to know about your associated fuel costs and increase your fleet’s operating margins.

  • Receive live updates on your fuel data every time a driver fills up the tank. 
  • Find out and compare what is your fuel consumption on a per vehicle, per driver, and per model/year basis.
  • Discover high fuel-consuming vehicles and assign them to specific maintenance fixes.
  • consumo combustible tarjeta gasolina control Aggregate all of your fuel expenses in Pulpomatic and assess which fuel provider is the cheapest.

Reduce fuel costs.

Decrease your fuel costs and optimize your fleet performance immediately.

  • consumo combustible tarjeta gasolina control Pulpomatic can integrate any current fuel card solution your fleet is already using.
  • rendimiento combustible gasolina flota flotilla coches Find out which provider offers the best performing fuel and for the least cost.
  • Reduce costs by analyzing what vehicle model and year is the most cost-effective for your current operation.
  •  Ensure that the invoice sent by the provider is accurate and reflects your own data.

Aggregate your fuel consumption data with our fuel management features.

Pulpomatic’s multi-layered data sourcing tracks how vehicle performance evolves over time and enables our clients to make the best decisions when structuring their fleet.

  • Compare your fuel costs by region, routes, or driver.
  •  Analyze fuel data to decide whether your current operating fleet structure is adequate.
  • Analyze your historical fuel consumption data and decide which vehicles suit best your operation.
  • Discover which drivers offer the best fuel efficiency.
Drive charges

Avoid fuel fraud.

Manage drivers effectively and track inaccurate or misleading fuel associated expenses.

  • Avoid duplicate fuel charges with our robust data tracking.
  • Uncover if a vehicle is charging more fuel than its actual tank capacity.
  • consumo combustible tarjeta gasolina control Manage vehicles that include multiple fuel tanks or different types of fuel.
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Real-Time Accesible Reports

Segment your fleet’s fuel data by time period or region and identify where to reduce costs

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Centralize Fleet Data

Integrate your fuel card provider and use our mobile app to input fuel expenses from any driver/vehicle location.

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Visualize Costs With Precision

Attach invoices to the associated vehicle for each tank filling.

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Digitize Information

Manage all your information, including your provider’s fuel card, in one centralized platform.

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Identify Inefficiencies

Find out which vehicle is more fuel efficient for certain routes or service regions. Optimize the mile per gallon performance and increase your fleet revenue.

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Universal Visibility

Identify those vehicles who are not incurring fuel charges and are therefore inactive.

Get sound arguments when purchasing vehicles.

Do you need a new vehicle? Are you thinking of renovating your fleet? Then surely you are asking yourself what vehicles you should choose.

If you trust a certain brand or model that you know about, Pulpomatic will support that decision based on accurate information regarding efficiency and performance.