Access any vehicle-related information immediately.

  • Manage the entire fleet operation from your phone.
  • Assign any task or instruction to your drivers, who will immediately receive an alert on their phones.

Enable GPS tracking without any hardware installation.

Real-time vehicle location tracking.

  • Locate your operators immediately with vehicle status changes.
  • Allow your drivers to access vehicle related documents anytime, such as insurance, registration, among others.
  • Notify drivers when their vehicle is due for maintenance, repair, or document renewal.

Allow drivers to upload trip expenses and revenues.

  • Allow different business units to access any relevant information.
  • Provide your drivers with the best tools and as a result, increase customer satisfaction.
control servicio software control flotillas

Optimize driver communication to manage your fleet effectively.

software flota reportes fáciles sencillos

Leverage the use of a secure, user-friendly app.

app control gestión administración vehículos

Integrate Pulpomatic with any other solutions in your operation.

Simplify your fleet management with Pulpomatic.

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