They have all vehicle information in the palm of their hands.

Allow them to check insurance policies, registration cards and all other vehicle documents they might need.

  • Notify them about upcoming maintenance, when paperwork is due, tasks and much more.
  • Protect them by always having vehicle information available.

Use GPS tracking, without additional installations.

Be informed of your vehicles´ and drivers´ location in real-time.

  • Track the vehicles you have on the road at all times.
  • Get access to trip history and the cost of each route.
  • Follow your fleet closely via GPS, 24/7 and compare its performance.

Make them record all expenses during any trip.

With Pulpomatic, recording toll costs, travel expenses and any other need is as easy as taking a picture.

  • Don´t make them wait to be on a computer. Your operators can record refueling stops with their smartphones, right at that moment.
  • Keep tight control of all expenses by using our app.
control servicio software control flotillas

Simplify their job and keep track of every single detail.

software flota reportes fáciles sencillos

The app is very safe and easy to use.

app control gestión administración vehículos

Integrate Pulpomatic to your field operations.

Make your fleet management easy. Use Pulpomatic.

Download the app now.