Maximize your fleet utilization at the lowest cost.

Pulpomatic is a cloud-based, software solution that consolidates all of your fleet provider data in one centralized platform.

Automate your Excel sheets and empower data-driven decision making to maximize your fleet operation.

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Manage your vehicles like industry leaders do.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Pulpomatic implements artificial intelligence and machine learning models to increase fleet efficiency and reduce operational costs. 

Vehicle Advanced Information

Enhance operational decision making by receiving key data points, such as preventive fixes and upcoming lease renewal alerts.

Receive fleet cost projections.

Make timely decisions and avoid potential breakdowns by visualizing your fleet indicators.

Increase ROA With AI and Preventive Maintenance

Use our machine learning applications to maximize vehicle lifespan and utility.

Access Industry-Leading Vehicle Data

Be confident when renewing your leases.

Fleet Cost Projections

Receive reports that anticipate costly breakdowns and unbudgeted costs.

Maximize Fleet Availability

Use AI to anticipate and schedule vehicle maintenance.

Increase Savings with Pulpomatic

Our platform saves up to 30% in operational costs and 51% in administrative workload.

Optimize vehicle performance

Expand your services while maintaining the same amount of assets. Or vice-versa, reduce the amount of vehicles in your fleet and keep the same level of operation.

Reduce Operating Costs

Improve fuel efficiency by 15%, decrease fraud and misspendings by 50%, and save 100% of additional roadside infraction costs.

Use Your Time Effectively.

Multiply productivity thanks to automated tasks.


Reduce CO2 emissions by 20% thanks to more efficient use of fuel and to optimized fleets with less vehicles.

Are you ready to save costs?

Check out how to optimize your vehicle fleet and reduce operational costs.

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